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response to israeli resumption of building on the occupied west bank. and it hugo chavez makes parliamentary gains that could make the president next five years difficult indeed. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- ♪ the world's biggest energy producer meets the world's fastest growing energy market. russia and china signed an oil and gas field. and the hills could soon be alive with the sound of skiing. this picturesque spot in georgia is on people's minds. hello. on the face of it, it is just an official announcement of a military appointment, but in north korea, very little is routine, and the latest news from state media looks significant. kim jong il -- kim jong-un has been given the rank of military general. this is one of the a few photographs of him. he is thought to be in his 20's. in any seat strong signs he is about to be anointed -- many see strong signs he is about to be anointed. from neighboring south korea, we have this report. in atm the train's comi
and this will anchor the future of this effort for decades and decades to come. s caesar chavez is. leyland avenue is next and though the next mayor will take the credit 19th avenue is next and that is long overview. this is what this represents. we told these ideas from all across the country. portland was doing some of this. but we don't like being second place to portland. so, eat your heart out, portland. we took a little bit from bloomberg in new york and that was the idea of payment to park land but we don't like to be second place, we are now doing more on that and we took the ideas from chicago. and i will say if there is any father or mother of these ideas it is mayor daley in chicago who is on these things years and years ago. i went out there when i first became mayor, got so jealous going down michigan avenue i said we have to do something so we stole their greening director and brought her out here and tasked here with putting these plans together and i want to specifically acknowledge astrid and her hard work and collaborative effort with all of you as well. i'm excited about this. i
-- israeli settlement building on the west bank. and and electrowinning force hugo chavez -- the opposition makes parliamentary gains that make the president paused next five years very difficult indeed. welcome to "bbc world news" broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later -- the world's biggest energy producer meets the world fastest growing energy market. why russian and china are signing an oil and gas deal. the holes could soon be alive with the sound of skiing -- why this picturesque spot in georgia is in people's mind. >> on the face of it, it's just another drawing pen and a notice board -- an official announcement of a military appointment. but in north korea, very little is routine. the latest news from the state media looks prescient -- kim jong-un, the son of north korea's ailing dictator has been given rank of general just as the stalinist state is about to hold a ruling convention of its workers' party. the first in nearly 30 years. many see strong signs that kim jong-il is about to appoint his successor. >> from the trains pulling into an immaculate cen
chavez sufrio un dura reve las elones ddomingo.. alfredo miranda tiene los detalles.. gracias compaÑeros, pese a que el oficialismo logro 96 de los 165 escaÑos de la asamblea nacional, parece evidente que a la ascendencia politica del presidente chavez ahora no le queda ams que lidiar con un congreso que podria imponerle controles y frenar su intencion de convertir a venezuela en un estado socialista con la casi totalidad de votos escrutados, el gobernante partido socialista unido de venezuela, se ad contriolar comodamente la asamblea nacional como lo hizo durante cinco aÑos por supuesto que nos montamos una meta de alcanzar los dos tercios. no fue posible lograrlo. una victoria de verdad contundente. dias previos a la eleccion hugo chavez copo la escena pre electoral afirmando que los comicios eran decisivos para garantizar su futuro politico. los opositores califican los resultados como una victoria de venezuela. gano venezuela. felicitamos a venezuela por su triunfo. g
in the program, a warning for hugo chavez, the opposition coalition makes gains in the parliamentary elections. fresh hope for the trapped miners in chile. we will have more live from the mine. midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, lunch time in jerusalem. where the sound of a concrete mixer could derail peace talks between israelis and palestinians. mahmoud abbas said of the resumption of building would make talks a waste of time. prime minister netanyahu has refused to put a more -- extend the moratorium on building. >> preparing the ground for new homes in the community in the west bank. israel's moratorium had lasted 10 months and was a crucial element in bringing the palestinians back into negotiations with israelis. all eyes will be on what happens on the ground. shortly before the restrictions on construction ended, inside of the west bank they had ground for a day care center for children. settlers vowed that work would begin on 2000 homes across the west bank. there are around 300,000 settlers from the living there, as well as pro-settler coalition parties. the latest events are
roughly three hours ago soderint taking so long for results to come in. roby chavez is live with the d.c. board of elections to explain what the hold-up has been. roby. >> reporter: shawn, a big problem tonight, as you just mentioned, voting results have been very, very slow to come in. folks, as you can see here, have gathered at the d.c. board of elections waiting for elections, waiting for elections, and the problem tonight has been the new technology. they have new software, new machines, and for some reason, those results did not come in until the last 10 minutes or so. i want to show you, this is where some of the members of the different elected officials have gathered to try to watch some of the results. and what we're watching tonight is off of a laptop here, and we're seeing the same thing that you're seeing. at this point, what we're looking at is the city-wide votes here for the mayoral race. let's take a look at this, and i'm going to do it the old fashioned way, with 40% of the votes, vincent gray's got 12 86 votes, adrian fenty's got 1841, and that's a total of only 3,17
chavez o mas poder para la oposicion. >> pero en la medida que pasa el tiempo los indicadores son 70 porciento de las personas salieron a votar. >> hay que alinear con el proceso. >> ubo denuncia y arrestados . >> al nivel local hoy en dia estamos realizando el ejercicio. >> del derecho. >> pero si ha sido positiba la respuesta. >> en total 35 mil venezolanos pero no todos son resgistrados para votar. >> entre esa campaña se dijo mucha informacion mala para así la gente no fuera consisa. >> eso es ilegal. >> la presidente del consejo electoral la primera cifra sera publicada cuando las votaciones sean irreversibles. >> al norte de california mucha contiminacion en el aire. >> por esa razon declararon por tercera ocacion consecutiva sera el dia para cuidar el medio ambiente. >> hay que evitar apagónes . >> para evitar en el suministro restricciones pide que cuide su casa. >> usted quiere que la marihuana sea legal es la encuesta realizada. >> cuenta con el visto bueno en las grandres ciudades . >> esta mañana en san francisco la policía acudio a un llamado de ruido. >> los polici
down nuclear missiles. chavez got a preview of the accounts and some top secret documents that are now being released. >> they were seeing strange lights in the sky. >> reporter: robert salas worry aliens have their eyes on our nuclear weapons. the minute man launch officer remembers one morning early in march of 1967, while on duty, several in the military witnessed un explained red lights in the sky over malstrom air force base in montana. >> a very frightened guard called me and said they were looking at a glowing red object pulsating about 30 feet in diameter hovering right above the front gate. >> reporter: moments later, the alarms on ten nuclear missiles sounded. and then they were mysteriously shut down. >> it's like we were under a terrorist attack. i mean, that's what i thought. you know, the facility was under some kind of an attack. but it was verystrange. >> reporter: on monday, he comes to washington with folders of previously top secret documents to prove it was a ufo. this memo concluded. >> "the fact that no apparent reason for the loss of ten missiles can be readily i
supporters and critics of president chavez see it as a key test. as will grant reports from caracas, stopping the violence are among the voters' key concerns. >> these are the political wishes in venezuela. this may look like the kinds of supermarket you can find anywhere, but for years the venezuelan government has sold and subsidized food at low prices to the poor. with inflation the highest in latin america, your position blames the government for the highest cost in living. the government says that initiatives like this now are selling products at regulated prices for reasons that the socialist party should contain control of. for their part, the opposition candidate has made the price one of the main issues of their election campaign. in may tens of thousands of tons of food destined for the government subsidized markets were found rotting in ports or dumped in landfill sites around the country. the opposition used the scandal to acues the government of corruption. while the question of food prices is important, many voters say their main concern is crime. >> we're asking for security. w
have very few options. bbc news in southern punjab. >>. hugo chavez of venezuela has insisted that he will not accept the u.s. government's nominee for ambassador and he warned the ambassador not to travel to venezuela because he wouldn't be allowed to enter the country. correspondent will grant is in caracas and joins me now. tell us more about this standoff between chavez and the prospective ambassador. >> back a couple months, larry palmer the potential ambassador was addressing the house committee and said that there was cuban influence in the venezuelaan military and he also said there was a lack of morale in the venezuelaan ministry. that because more than enough for president chavez to take him on really and said that he wouldn't be welcome. [no audio] >> apologies. i'm afraid we've lost that connection to will in caracas. we'll try to get that back as soon as possible the you are watching bbc news. still to come, as the threat from hurricane karl diminishes, hurricane igor heads toward bermuda. >> detectives investigating the murder of a leading pakistani politician in north l
al menos un tercio de los imer iÑo para tratar de frenar el sistema socialista de hugo chavez.ademas, su participacion en esta eleccion le permitira recuperar el espacio politico que cedio pr no presentarse en los pasados comicios.Ás esta tarde en horario especial para la costa esteprimmpactoprimeractoimer itr figurar en el debe ser un gran honor. prh@imer impactoprimer i que se entiendaprprimeractohay prferencia, encontramos ari en h@primer impactoprimer impactop gruÑo. y he descubierto lo queesto significa. >> ahora estÁ trabajando con leopardos y llegÁs para aprender su lenguaje y tratar de entender. ojalÁ lo logrÉ antes que le den una mordida. >> tiene que ser un hombre muy valiente porque para atreverse a jugar con leones no es cualquiera. prm cada vez que aparece en televisiÓn y de que la gente recuerde que los leones son animales salvajes y no cualquiera puede abrasar los primercomo Él lo ha si se encuentra uno por ahÍ, no tratto imitaer impactoprimer im una mansiÓn en la florida. acto es un sitio en el qu impacchos seres hutoprimer impactoprimer o pr impacpri
president chavez is hailing sunday's election rules as a solid victory but he failed to maintain the two thirds majority that has allowed allies to push through controversial changes unopposed. our correspondent is in the capital with what the results could mean. >> he may pose as a revolutionary to the outside but when it comes to the ballot box the president of venezuela develops is a capitalist. the week before elections here, chavez brought in tens of thousands of chinese appliances to give out our sell to the supporters at subsidized prices. a woman is getting a new washing machine. >> the government helps those who need it most. >> but buying off the population to stay in power comes at a heavy cost. after 11 years of chavez venezuela has the highest inflation rate in latin america and the worst murder rates in the world. but going out of power would be impossible because in venezuela one man has the power to do almost anything he wants. like pointing to a building and taking it over on live television. >> that building over there, who occupies it? >> part of the reason he had powe
chavez. she also had the f.b.i. investigate for being communist. good stuff. cesar chavez was investigated by the -- she's right there, by the way. it's great. so, to have her there at the labor -- the department of labor helping them on things is really good. it actually might be better than what she was doing before. what was she doing before? the lady who said the alternative to capitalism is democratic socialism? yeah. indoctrinating our children. here is the story from theblaze. here she is talking to high school students. watch. >> the average -- [ inaudible ] of pay of ceo of fortune 500 company is $3 million to $9 million a year. what are you going to do with all that money, right? i don't care how much money you make. you can only eat three meals a day, you know. you can only wear one suit of clothes a day. so the idea a lot isn't wrong as long as use it for the people, like what hugo chavez is doing in venezuela. >> glenn: didn't the president say i don't care how much you make, nothing wrong, but how much can you eat? she's praising hugo. which kind of makes thi
. julie hugo chavez's party is expected to lose ground in vene, vela duall to very bad numbers. and the highest rate 30% and one of the highest murder rates in the world and hugo chavez continues to place the blames for problems who he calls his number one enemy, the united states. >> we are in a battle that is global, on september 26th, we are again going to defeat the imperialist yankees. yankees go home. >> yankees go home! go home! te! >> reporter: and the opposition here is trying to get at least one third of the seats to at least slow hecao chavez down, but the odds against them are stacked due to new redistricting laws and takes just 20,000 votes for a pro chavez in some area, in other areas 400,000 st.tes, where an opposition to hugo chavez is high, julie. >>awulie: steve harrigan, thank you very much. 50 years ago tonight, millions of americans witnessed political history. the nixon-kennedy debates rocked the election. we'll take a look how that one event shaped the current state of american politics. we are building a website by ourselves. announcer: there's an easi
patterson who represented ward 3 from '95 to '07 and kevin chavez who served ward serve from 200to to 2004 -- 2002 to 2004. thank you both for being here tonight with us. let's start with the issues that are most important to voters. as i mentioned, education and crime, the biggest in this race. we know under fenty's watch test scores are up, crime is down. would you say, kathy, let's start with you, the district is better off today than it was four years ago? >> i think it's fair to say our schools made some progress and i think team fenty and the chancellor have at least given credit to their predecessors on that score, some of the basic word done on standards standards, new curriculum, test prep that are put into place under the predecessor under cliff cheney. we are seeing some progress and some issues that still need addressing. >> i know, kathy, you ran on education was important to you and important to kevin chavez as well. let's get your take on this, mr. chavez. crime, education, are we better four years later? >> there's no question about it. there's been a lot of progress made i
oficialismo propusieron hoy otorgar "poderes especiales" a hugo chavez para que el mismo pueda legislar ...---- chavez ya habia insistido en que conseguir el control legislativo, es el preludio de su batalla por las elecciones presidenciales del 2012 ... ---- en este momento, hay una dura polemica entre chavistas y oposicion: ambos se atribuyen la victoria popular en los comicios del domingo pasado. ---bajo la temperatura, pero todavia hoy (al menos aqui en el sur de la bahia) fue un dia ... un tanto sofocante !---- vamos a ver que nos dice ... ariel rodriguez, sobre las pÓximas horas. =el pronostico de ariel en noticiero telemundo 48, a las seis y a las once, cubriendo toda la bahia= el tiempo se tornara mas agradable durante el fin de la semana al alejarse la zona de alta presion y tener una mayor influencia maritima...las temperaturas estaran en el rango de los 80 en el interior y en los 60 a 70 grados en la costa hasta el fin de semana... ==== ---nueva pausa en el noticiero...que usted prefiere cada noche... y...si... ya le dire que familia esta de cumpleaÑos... ---tambien continu
rafael correa. here in venezuela, chavez gave his soul back into his close ally, correa. so has the organization of american states and the u.s. embassy. while things are quickly moving on the ground in the cities in ecuador, they are also moving in the international forums as well. >> how confident does he feel in his position? if you have this bubbling, tense situation, is it is advisable to stand on the balcony and say, if you want me godgone, kill me. >> mr. correa is a very combat ative figure. chavez and he shared political visions. it is true to say that probably was not the most well advised step, but what he was trying to do is talk to the people holding a protest -- policemen -- and tried to reason with them. it went badly wrong. teargas was fired and he ended up in a military hospital. as in terms of whether he has control of the country, what is -- there are 150 military personnel that took over the airport. but their commanders, the head of the armed forces, are still by the president's side. that will be crucial in the coming hours. >> the indian prime minister has
ruling meeting to elect top leadership. >>> hugo chavez says his country is carrying out initial studies for carrying out a nuclear program. chavez brought the issue up during a news conference monday saying venezuela needs nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. >>> a prisoner who tried to kill himself last week by slashing his arms and throat was executed. 30-year-old brannon rhodes was put to death for killing three people in a burglary back in 2000. >>> a dallas judge has overturned the 1993 conviction of a dead man who was in prison for the rape of a 5-year-old girl for lack of evidence. >>> and the owner of a company is dead after apparent falling off a cliff. the 62-year-old was testing a cross-country version of a segue near his estate in england sunday when he lost control of it. >>> now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 10,112 after falling 48 points yesterday. the s&p last 6 points and the nasdaq fell 11. taking a look at overseas trading. the nikkei fell 127 points while in hong kong, the hang seng dropped 230. >>> on the heels of a
today. the police are still looking for the men who opened fire this actual. roby chavez is live on u street now with more. roby. >> reporter: brian, scary moments today along u street as gun fire erupted. also scary for mourners who had filed inside this church. we were told the casket was being loaded into the church when gun fire rang out. it was the funeral of ashley mccray, she was friends with rivals of many gang members and someone brought a gun. mourners scattered as gun shots rang out in the u street corridor. friends of ashley mccray gathered at her funeral and some were known gang members. >> we was walking down it try to get in our car and realized that our car had been shot up. >> reporter: when the gun fire stopped, cars were left crashed and three people injured. 21-year-old jamal coates was killed. he was in the suv which flipped. mourners couldn't believe it. >> i was at the church but i heard the gun shot. >> what do you make of what happened today? >> senseless, and it's something needs to be done about the balance here in the city. >> reporter: late monday, three p
that this would happen. roby chavez is live with more on the link between the two rival gangs and 21-year-old ashley mccray. robbie? >> reporter: ashley mccray knew a lot of people and today, the church was packed. several hundred inside the church and another hundred or so gathered outside of the church and she knew members of the two rival gangs. community activists and police came here because they were afraid that putting the two groups together would lead lead to violence and today, someone brought a gun to a funeral. >> two secs you heard gun shots go off and everybody responded back into the church and scattered everywhere. >> reporter: 21-year-old ashley mccray's funeral was wrapping up and that crowd gathered for one last goodbye as the casket was placed in the hearse. police and members from the columbia heights collaborative have been watching the violence escalate between the two groups and many worried that violence would break out and they did. sadly ashley and the man killed had moved away from violence recently. >> and this is about him a
chavez elementary has. sustainable diversity, but not to a school that is failing, and i am not sure you can do that. >> ok, hi. my name is -- i live in dogpatch at 22nd and hennessey. there was a proposed area for daniel webster, which is drawing all of dogpatch into daniel webster, and then there is a dead and at minnesota, like half a block off of 22nd street, and then it did in south of 22nd street, so it is a really small part that is left out. -- and then if it did and -- it dead ends south of 22nd street. there would probably be no other kids in a region that are willing to go there, and also, a 30-minute walk four as compared to about a 10-minute walk to daniel webster -- a 30-minute what -- walk for us. commissioner yee: thank you. >> yes, this is also a boundary issue. many of the worst schools in the city are in those zones, and there is a way of opting out of them. however, as the first speaker mentioned, there are small pockets within those zones that are simply stuck in the school area, because they are not in that zone. so i figured out that we are in the worst four blocks
"campaÑa admirable"....a traves de la cual, el presidente hugo chavez buscara su segunda reeleccion en los comicios del 2012.---- "escÁlidos, preparen sus candidatos, que alla los espero" dijo chavez a la oposicion, durante la campaÑa proselitista.... y no se priÓ de cantar al estilo mariachi .... ----mientras que en chile, se complica el rescate de los mineros atrapados en el desierto de atacama ...----- la perforadora mas avanzada debio ser paralizada hoy por tercera vez, por un percance en uno de sus martillos.---la perforacion llego hasta los 143 metros.... ---- pero otra, ha avanzado hasta los 430 .... .... ----esta semana en el mensajero de san francisco les ofrece historias relacionadas con el dream act ---desafortunadamente los Ás recientes esfuerzos por hacer que avanzara en el congreso fracasaron luego de no recibir el respaldo de senadores republicanos---en san francisco se realiÓ una de tantas manifestaciones a favor de la medida.---tambien trae la nota titulada Éroes de carne y hueso, acerca de 3 personalidades locales que recibieron el premio bicentenario por su lucha a
-- chavez claims victory in the venezuelan election. we're coming to you on pbs america and coming up later, coping with the floods. nigeria -- rising water has forced people from millions -- forced millions from their homes. we will have the latest on the plight of the chilean miners. north korea has announced that the third son of its leader kim jong-il has been appointed as the force -- as a four-star general. many believe that the party is preparing to anoint thee a man named kim jong-un as his father's eventual successor. from the south korean capital of seoul, here is one of our correspondence. >> from the trains pulling into an immaculate pyongyang central station to the choreographed uniformity of the arriving delegates, it is clear that something is going on. these are pictures that north korea is off authoritarian rulers want the world to see, showing a city being prepared for a very significant event indeed. the last time a major party gathering was held was in 1980 -- 30 years ago. that meeting sok kim jong il appointed to the highest ranks of the party, -- saw kim jong-il appoi
este fenÓmeno que la oposición haya alcanzado 37? >> chavez acusa a radio francia de decir mentiras. >> estoy esperando que radio francia me responda, esas vendidas que ustedes trasmiten sin rumor. y despuÉs no responden. >> despuÉs preguntar si es venezolana y si conoce la constituciÓn del paÍs. >> la periodista dice >> yo hago la pregunta que no estÁn familiarizadas con la constituciÓn de venezuela. >> chavez parece ponerse incÓmodo. comienza a criticar la pregunta. >> esa pregunta no tiene fundamentaciÓn lógica. >> tambiÉn empieza a descalificar a la periodista. >> pareciera que tÚ ignora si lo que aquÍ pasÓ. como si vivieras en la luna, de donde tÚ eres. >> despuÉs da la explicaciÓn por quÉ con 98.000 votos mÁs. el partido que resulta ganador aunque sea por pocos votos se lleva casi todo. >> la senadora cÓrdoba descalificÓ el fallo que la destituyÓ de su investidura de congresista y la inhabilitÓ durante 18 aÑos para ejercer cargos pÚblicos, cÓrdoba respaldó la guerrilla de las farc con la que intercambiÓ informaciÓn haciÉndose llamar por el alias de
agency and the cesar chavez a sewer improvement system. >> this resolution is adopted. >> item 12, resolution adopting the fire department to enter into a 10-year agreement with presidio trust to provide fire and emergency services. >> same house, same call? the resolution is adopted. >> item 13, resolution adopting -- authorizing the fire department to enter into a 10- year agreement with the national park service to provide fire and emergency medical services to national park service managed areas within san francisco. >> this is adopted. >> item 13 -- 14, the hiring of permanent career severely and federal firefighters displaced by the closure of the national park service fire station in presidio. >> this resolution is adopted. >> item 15, ordinance amending the planning code to allow new full-service and small self- service restaurants with a conditional use authorization to permit some said especially for the establishment as the right and to prohibit all large fast- food astonishment. >> this ordinances passed on the first reading. >> 16, a resolution approving and authorizi
officials are set to unveil some alleged ufo sightings on american military bases. roby chavez got a preview of the firsthand accounts and top secret documents about to be released. >> they were seeing strange lights in the sky. >> robert salas worries aliens have hair eyes on our nuclear weapons. reremembers one morning early in march 1967. while on duty, several in the military witnessed unexplained red lights in the skies in montana over an air force base. >> very frightened guard called me and said they were looking at a glowing red object pulsating about 30 feet in diameter hovering above the front great. >> reporter: moments later, arlington national cemeterys sounded and they were mysteriously shut down. >> it was like we were under a terrorist attack. that is what i thought, the facility was under some kind of an attack. but it was very strange. >> reporter: on monday, he comes to washington with folds are of previously top secret documents to prove it was a ufo. this memo concluded. >> the fact that no apparent reason for the loss of 10 missiles can be readily identified is cause fo
their votes, will they fill the assembly with parties opposed to hugo chavez? we'll go live to caracas. >> julie: and a look back half a century, 50 years ago today, our own presidency candidates found out about the power of television, profound lly shapin the public's opinion of the man -- or woman -- who would be president. >> gregg: extending all or some of the bush era tax cuts, set to expire at the end of the year and lawmakers may wait to decide their fate until after the november midterm elections. julie kirtz is live with more on that, hi, julie. >> top democrats in congress saying americans are likely to get an answer on the big tax question, before they go to the polls, november 2nd. house majorities leader steny hoyer, said on fox news sunday he doubts the house will vote on extending the bush era tax cuts this week and blames republicans in the senate, for blocking action. >> the senate has refused to move forward on that issue, as you know, we have 400 bills pending in the senate, 75% of which have gotten 50 republican votes or more but they can move the senate and it woul
government state secret privilege in the case, effectively killing the suit. >>> hugo chavez facing challenges in his own country. a wide ranging coalition is opposing his party in national elections tomorrow. that spells bad news for chavez, an avowed socialist and vocal critic of the united states. hi, steve. >> reporter: it would be hard enough to think of another world leader as critical of the u.s. he is putting it all on the line. he has been in power for 11 years. he hopes to be in power for another 10, 20, 30 years and he able to stay in power he is going to need help from the parliament. opposition is trying to win one-third of the seats. on paper the numbers favor chavez's opponents. inflation at 30%, some of the highest in latin america, murders, some of the highest in the world. venezuela ranking third in the world. it's gotten a lot more dangerous on his side almost complete control of the media, all the tv stations and billions of dollars in oil money. we've seen him on television in front of washers and dryers, electrical apply yajsz brought in from china on credit. o
of at a third less. >> early last week, felix chavez was arrested after there was an investigation to see who else may have been involved. >> and they did an audit and found discrepancis. at this point, mr. chavez was arrested. >> administrators declined our request for an interview and issued a statement and said by and other restrictions were unable to comment in related percent issues and appropriate actions have been taken. both say they're investigating. >> this investigation is owe-to-see how far back it goes. >> and now, hernandez is charged with accepting a bribe, embezzlement and grand theft. chavez is charged with embezzlement and grand theft. as you just heard, the question is how wide spread were the bribes? are they occurring in other court houses? that is the focus of the investigation. >> and this first man to be executed in four years could be put to death wednesday morning. today a judge ruled that the state can resume executions at san quentin with convicted killer albert brown scheduled to die next week. there is a ruling and consequences. >> the execution is set for a minu
that. had their records taken care of. >> earlier last week, fe licks chavez was arrested. >> after we arrested mr. hernandez, we fond discrepancies and a that point mr. chavez was also arrested. >> they declined our request for an interview but they did issue a statement confirming the arrest. but according to other restrictions, we're unable to comment on pending cases and related personnel issues. but appropriate administrative actions have been taken. both the court and sheriff's offices says they are investigating. >> the investigating of these two people are ongoing and to see how widespread it is. >> shrgz charged with accepting a bribe and embezzlement and grand theft. chavez is charged with embezzlement and grand theft. the big question now just how widespread were these bribes and are they occurring in our courthouses. that is the focus of the investigation. >>> san jose's police chief is considering developing new rules on how officers interact with people they know. it stems from a cell phone video that shows an officer confronting a 15-year-old boy who had sex with the off
.los comicios se realizan en medio de una marcada polarizacion entre el presidente hugo chavez, que busca seguir con su llamado "socialismo del siglo 21", que incluye nacionalizaciones y amplio control del ejecutivo, y una oposicion decidida a frenar su estilo de gobierno. que tal, les acompaÑa enrique teutelo muchos analistas consideran estas elecciones legislativas como un referendo al gobierno de hugo chavez, quien ya anuncio abiertamente sus aspiraciones de ir por la re- elecion en el 2012.actualmente la asamblea nacional esta compuesta por 150 legisladores chavistas y 17 disidentes del oficialismo que pasaron a la oposicion.en el 2005 se aumento dos escaÑos mas a 167 pero ahora se elegiran solo 165.el oficialismo tendria que ganar 110 escaÑos para obtener una mayoria de dos tercios que permitiria a chavez consolidar su sistema bolivariana.mas el primero es rápido. el primero es 4g, pero se lleva muy bien con el 3g. el primero tiene una cámara hd de 8 megapíxeles y videos stream en vivo vía internet. el primero tiene un puerto hdmi. el primero comparte wifi con ocho equipos al mismo
. we'll be right back. ք kulski >> welcome back to >> roby chavez is live at the d.c. board of elections with the latest of what's going on. >> reporter: shawn, there is a flurry of activity going on in the d.c. board of elections office. let me step aside and you can see. some of the numbers -- this is some of the absentee ballots they're still trying to count. part of the problem what we understand today is that there's a new system in place and there's a number of new procedures, and so that has considerably slowed the process down. they replaced the system that they used in 2008 with new systems and new machines and new software, and so all of that has slowed the system down considerably. now one thing officials have stressed today is that they are making sure these numbers are accurate. you might remember in 2008, some of the numbers that came out were a bit premature. they're trying to avoid that same problem that they had from last year, now, officials told us the cartridges, that's those things that are inside the machines that come back here to make the official cou
has denied wrongdoing. opponents of venezuelan president hugo chavez made major gains in sunday's elections there. they celebrated after the results came in early today. chavez and his allies did maintain control of parliament, but they lost their two-thirds majority. without that margin, chavez will no longer be able to rewrite laws unchallenged. he came to power in 1998, and has strongly opposed u.s. policy in the region and the world. president obama has signed a bill creating a $30 billion loan fund for small business. senate republicans had blocked it for months, warning it would encourage risky lending. the president said today it would lead to more hiring by small business. he called it a "great victory for america's entrepreneurs." earlier, the president rejected house republicans' new pledge to america. he said it's not a serious approach to fixing the economy. b.p. and local officials in louisiana clashed today over how the gulf oil spill was handled. b.p.'s chief operating officer, doug suttles, told a presidential commission that the coast guard was in charge of the
on the gaming and storm water features for the cesar chavez redesign project. this is a grant we are pursuing. we have been extremely successful in augmenting our services. the department has applied for and received funding for more than four million dollars worth of grants. the full board herridge that the development a key stimulation -- the development legislation. we are going to study the infrastructure districts. the other resolution would apply to the committee facility districts and at this july hearing, you recommended approval. to date, only the maximum resolution as been heard at the full board. we ask for the committee and the long-term effects from the general fund. the committee should analyze the potential fiscal impact to the general fund and there are some minor modifications and this week fell whole board adopted it. we also had two appeals before the full board, one was an appeal for city place. the other was the appeal of a conditional use authorization. this is authorized by the signatures of four members of the border supervisor's. maybe you can -- you consider this on
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